The first recorded meeting was on July 25th, 1903.  There were 120 shares of stock sold at a price of $120/share and the Articles of Incorporation were adopted.  Directors appointed on October 1st, 1903 were:

S J  Woland --- President

Henry Shirley --- Secr./Treas.

Chas. Wieland

Hy Leesman

H. Quisenberry

Jas. Gilchrist

     S J Woland was the first manager.

Over the years, several changes in the business occurred, with the addition of a lumber yard in 1910 and a coal house was added in 1915.  In 1991, the old lumber yard and office were demolished and the name was changed from Hartsburg Grain, Coal, and Lumber Company to Hartsburg Grain Company.

There have been a total of 10 managers and 58 diectors since the company's inception.